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Dermafusion treatments

Dermafusion facial is the professional spa or salon infusion of specially selected
interactive ingredients, which synergistically work in harmony to treat and prevent signs of
ageing. Whether you wish for a precise or dedicated facial, or just wish to maintain a
youthfull and attractive skin, you can be comprehensively treated with up to the minute
products and treatments. Imagine the sublime comfort of your chosen or recommended
facial treatment resulting in an appearance and feeling of rejuvenated and enhanced
youthful skin.

The range includes luxurious treatments such as Caviar, Collogen, Bofusion and many

Matcha Green Tea hot stone facial

Highest concentration of anti-oxidants!
Replenish dehydrated skin. Empowering, repairing tissue and slowing down the signs of ageing

Treatment £35

Bio-Revive Face Mask

Since all skin types, of all ages submit to tiredness and loss of energy, the Bio-Revive Maskís powerful
ingredients ensure that its impact is collectively outstanding, fast and most of all efficient.
The powerful bio-active ingredients, Ginseng, Tomato, Peppermint, Menthol and Vitamins A & C work to
retard the ageing of the cells, delivering a collection of actions that quickly fight the effects of free radicals.
Combating free radicals which block the skinís cell renewal, then providing a platform for the new skinís
development and survival. This Bio-Revive Mask Treatment will revitalise, treat and then protect your clientís
skin, delivering a much clearer, fresher, tighter complexion and restored youthful radiance

Treatment £40

Repair Complex Face Mask

Repair Complex represents the latest in anti-ageing formulae, incorporating the new ingredient Glycine Soja
(Soybean) and Germ Extract. The action of these natural Phyto-Estrogens can prevent and repair the skins
natural Collagen chain degradation, whilst protecting the skin and its coetaneous cells. These powerful
ingredients provide the skin with the necessary energy to fight against the signs and effects of ageing and
environmental damage. Repair Complex leaves ageing skin feeling smooth, firm and younger looking.

Treatment £40

Skin-Lite Face Mask

The Skin-Lite Face & Neck Mask used alone produces a radiant complexion, excellent as part of any facial
routine. Containing combined natural ingredients, Grape extract and Mulberry Root extract to maximise the
effects on the skin. The mask also contains plant extracts such a Saxifraga and Scutellaria, these have
been used around the world for many years as they help to give a radiant complexion, eliminate free
radicals and reduce pigmentation. The mask can be used along with other Skin-Lite products to reduce and
prevent pigmentation and lighten the skin, as part of the Silhouette Skin-Lite regime.

Treatment £40

Herbal Face Mask

Containing astringent properties the Herbal Face & Neck Mask works to purify and tighten open pores. The
active ingredients balance and stabilise the skins pH whilst reducing the excessive production of oil and
sebum. This specific blend of ingredients such as Orris Root cool and comfort the skin and give a refreshed
complexion, reducing redness and sensitivity. Ideal for those with Acne or sensitive skin

Treatment £40

Green Tea Peel Off Mask

Containing Green Tea Extract, the most powerful anti-oxidant that can be derived from a fruit or vegetable,
the Green Tea Peel off Mask delivers a powerful anti-ageing action. Removing debris and providing antibiotic
and anti-viral actions, Green Tea Peel off Mask Improves the skinís composure, reducing lines and other tell
tale signs of stress and ageing. Containing essential vitamins C, BI, B2, B6, Theanine & Folic Acid which
preserve a much healthier, smoother youthful skin.

Treatment £40

Enzymatic Peeling Mask

The Enzymatic Peeling Mask is an innovative powder mask that uses natural fruit enzymes to digest the
skins inactive proteins. When applied to the skin using a mask brush the masks enzymes gently dissolve
the thick cornea coat of the epidermis, eliminating dead skin cells and re-oxygenating the newly revealed
and refreshed epidermis. The refreshed and renewed skin will present itself with a more youthful, fresh and
smoother look & feel.

Treatment £40

Matrix Mask

A unique peel off mask that revives the epidermis whilst tightening the pores to deliver a fresher, rejuvenated
skin, remodelled with diminished lines and wrinkles. Dermafusion Matrix Mask contains Vitamin C, a
powerful anti-oxidant used to remove the free radicals caused by daily exposure to atmospheric pollution.
Once these free radicals are removed, the Vitamin E in the Matrix Mask works to regenerate the skin,
hydrating it and improving its elasticity & softness by retaining the Malonaldehyde responsible for the
linkage of the skins collagen molecules.
A Dermafusion Bio-Active Ampoule can be applied underneath the Matrix Mask; the mask will form an
occlusive film, driving the active ingredients of the selected ampoule deep into the skin.

Treatment £40

Caviar Vitellus Face Mask

There is nothing better. As soon as the Caviar Vitellus Mask is applied its active ingredients work to
effectively prevent the tell tale signs of ageing such as lines and wrinkles. Lines & wrinkles are formed by
the dehydration of the skin as we mature, as well as the invasion of free radicals & pollution from the
atmosphere, resulting in our skinís moisture level deteriorating. Caviar is both rare and precious; it contains
exquisite nourishing ingredients, phosphor lipids and proteins in the form of natural vitamins and minerals to
stimulate, regenerate and repair cell structures. These have an affinity for water and oil ensuring optimum
hydration of the skin & maximising its ability to prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles. The application
of the Caviar Vitellus Face & Neck Mask will deliver a much improved smoothness & elasticity, leaving the
skin refreshed and having a more youthful glow whilst supporting new cell and tissue growth.

Treatment £45

Bofusion Face Mask

Designed with a luxurious and unique formula the Bofusion Face Mask has been developed for the
treatment of mature, stressed skin. The active peptide in the mask softens the appearance of facial lines
and wrinkles by relaxing the sub-dermal muscles which create and support the lines that appear on the
face and neck. This core ingredient effectively blocks the enzyme responsible for muscular contractions
and produces a visual tightening of the skin as facial lines and wrinkles are diminished. The mask can be
applied manually, or the active ingredients contained within the mask can be infused with a Dermalift
system to achieve twice the depth of penetration in half the required time of a manual application.

Treatment £45

Let Silhouette unlock the secret to anti ageing

The Dermalift facial system

Uses microcurrents of infinitely adjustable timed pulses and frequencies of a specially chosen wave form, gently applied through specially designed facial probes. Now available at Tranquility Skin and body care, fully trained and qualified to enable us to perform various facial treatments all without the use of surgery!
Reduces lines and wrinkles
Facial muscles lifted and toned
Firm facial contours
Gives a more youthfull appearance
Finer pores due to increased elasticity
Reduces puffiness around the eyes
Improves acned skin
A fresher improved complexion
Much younger skin texture
Release expression and stress lines
Improves moisture retention
Eye lift and tone with vitamin c and collagen
This treatment will diminish fine lines and tone the brow area, dark shadows are minimised leaving the eye area feeling rejuvenated and revitalised.
Improves skin elasticity for younger looking eyes.

Treatment  30 mins £20